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Architecture connected with nature


Architecture connected
with nature

Cellspace's philosophy is to create architecture that connects with nature.

Nature is constantly fluctuating and changing. Before the modern age people were in tune with nature's flow and rhythm and were deriving energy from nature, but in modern life we can hardly feel its hidden beat.

The architecture that best connects with nature is the architecture that unconsciously works on the five senses. It brings deep richness to the daily activities of living.

Architecture linked with nature is architecture that responds to time.
It is sympathetic with the emotions of the people who use it, it is an extension of their bodies and minds.

Architecture that considers the properties and features of the land from the past, through the present and into the future maximizes the potential of the land. Buildings that maximize charm, hope and the client's dreams for their land will always be proposed.

As in nature where iterations of small-scale optimizations create a beautiful whole,
Cellspace believes that attention to each individual small design activity will bring out the richness of nature, even in the heart of the city.




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