Cell Space Architects

House on Hill

The site is located on the ridge of a small mountain in a National Park.
As you climb the slope you can see the mountains floating in the clouds on the south side and likewise experience a floating sensation as you walk up the slope.
Due to the limitation of the National Park Laws, the building is limited to the ridge and a slender flat shape following a loose curve along the slope of the site was designed.
The approach up the slope to the house connects people to the overwhelming power of nature.
In order to make use of living encompassed by nature the topography continues inside the building and induces the feeling of walking over mountains into the building.
The site slope was divided into different flat levels so that the building is at an appropriate living height at each level. By adjusting the direction and width of the step curves a micro topography is created that is suitable for life activities.

The fireplace is set down into a hollow and curved seating facing the fire is provided so that people can gather and enjoy the warmth and the panoramic view. When you pass along the narrow passageway central to the building different magnificent scenes outside can be viewed through the louvers.
In this way, like a mountain walk, we have a place of comfortable living to enjoy wild nature.


  • Location

    Gunma Prefecture Japan

  • Type


  • Structure

    Timber frame and reinforced concrete, 1 story

  • Site Area


  • Design Period

    February 2009- September 2009

  • Construction Period

    September 2009- July 2010