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Genji Paper Sculpture Museum

This art museum expresses the Tales of Genji in a modern fashion using Japanese paper sculpture.
Kiyomi Utsumi’s work is a tactile model using Japanese paper. The exhibits where light and music are added to the work is regarded as an expressive form and it was explicitly requested that this is a place you can enjoy with all five senses.

The entire venue is organized as a big stage and we proposed shared facilities for the museum and theater.
As you move through the stage, you experience the individual scenes (works) in a nested relationship, and the audience will experience individual perspectives that blend into one story.
The world of the Tales of Genji is shadowy and mysterious and the figures that can be seen beyond the block screen appear translucent.

By not seeing everything directly, the other senses are sharpened, and become more sensitive to other stimulae such as smells, sounds and the feel of clothing.
Genji ‘s efforts to transcend these fragile barriers will be revealed to the audience following the progress of the story in the same way across the obscured boundary.

The setting of the big stage was synchronized with the world of Tale of Genji Utsumi in these ways.


  • Location


  • Type


  • Structure

    Steel framework

  • Site Area


  • Design Period

    April 2001 - September 2002

  • Construction Period

    September 2002 - January 2003