Cell Space Architects

Yuuki Clinic

This building is a clinic of internal medicine with a landmark roof, which resembles illustrations of the house of Anne of Green Gables and is located in the idyllic countryside of Shinshu. Coniferous trees were planted when the property was completed and these were allowed to grow to roof height. The clinic is surrounded by roses, which are highlighted against a green background.

A LAN system for the electronic storage of patient records was installed during construction; accessible conduit was used to route the cabling to give flexibility to reconfigure at a later date.

The interior uses accented curved surfaces as the main features so consultations can be carried out in a soft, relaxed and warm environment.


  • Location

    Shinonoi city Nagano prefecture

  • Type


  • Structure

    Steel structure, 2 stories

  • Site Area


  • Design Period


  • Construction Period

    - Oct,2004